You Are A Universe

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“Stop playing so small you are the universe in ecstatic motion.” ~ Rumi. This is one of my favorite sayings because it serves as a reminder of the Truth. 

Did you know that humans and stars are made of the same stuff? Not in a hippie woo-woo way. No, as in real-life science shows that we literally contain the same essential matter as the Milky Way (read about it here!). 

And like zillions of stars make up the galaxies, zillions of cells make up your body. There is literally an entire universe inside of YOU! 

Yet if you’re like me, sometimes all this massiveness can make youfeel small. Make you feel like you’re ineffectual. Make you feel like youand your gifts don’t matter. “The world is so big, what's the point of my effort?” Has that thought ever passed by you?

Feeling and playing small creates sadness and lack of motivation. It saps the inspiration out of life. It creates broken dreams and broken promises of people who don’t think they matter. I know because I've seen it in my life. I've seen it in the people I've coached and trained. And I've seen it in the eyes of countless strangers. 

Well my friends, I'm here with a Flawsome update to this thought! 

Yes the entire universe is massive, and you might seem to be a “small” part of it. But take a moment to imagine the size of the universe. Now pause, take a breath and comprehend that all the parts that make up who you are number GREATER than all the stars. By at least 800 billion. (Seriously, read about it here!)


That’s real life science folks! Here as a reminder that there is an entire UNIVERSE inside of YOU!!

You are not small, you are truly massive.

You are not ineffectual, you are truly the universe in ecstatic motion. 


So this week, and every day, may we all accept our Flawsome massiveness. And let it inspire us to light us up like the stars light up the sky. Because that my loves, is who YOU are made to BE ⭐️