Yes I Can


In 2014 I went to Ireland and spent a week of my time there traveling solo. I decided to find activities that were unique and that I wouldn’t do at home. After hours of Trip Advisor-ing I found a company that led caving adventures (often known as spelunking in the US).

Having grown up & lived my whole life in Los Angeles I wasn’t often exposed to grandiose nature. Being exposed to caves?? Ha! Not unless that cave was secretly disguised as a 7–11. So needless to say it felt like a huge accomplishment when I made it out of the cave after a half-a-day inside the Earth!

When I emerged out of the cave my first thought was “Whoa, if I can do that, what else can I do that seems impossible?!”

At the time of this picture I was working in an environment that brought out some of the most challenging parts of myself. I played small, I held on to anger, I avoided vulnerability and I numbed myself regularly. Most of all, I doubted myself and my capabilities. I felt like I was underwater and on the verge of drowning nearly every day.

So when I came home from Ireland, I immediately put this picture on my desk as a reminder of what I was capable of doing because of my courage. And every time the voice in my head said I was going to drown, I reminded myself that I had made it through worse. I had made it in and out of a cave for goodness sake! I could certainly make it through a tough Tuesday at work.

Even now I use this picture to remind me of what I’m capable of — especiallywhen doubt ravages me. I consider self-doubt to be one of my biggest Flaws. But when I think about what’s been possible when I have overcome self-doubt, I’m grounded in my Awesomeness. This picture supports me living my Flawsome life!

What reminder of your Awesomeness can you use when the voice inside says “I can’t”? Maybe it’s a picture, a note from a friend or even clear memory you can reflect back on to remind yourself of what you’ve been capable of accomplishing, overcoming and creating. The voice inside may tell you that you can’t but let me assure you, the proof is already there, and YES YOU CAN!

PS — You can hear me tell this story on Christine Baird’s Worthfull Project podcast — click here to listen!