Treat Yourself


Buying myself flowers, gifts and writing myself love letters has been a weekly practice for me for the past couple of years. I refer to it as “treat yo self” and it’s an important part of my life.
Deciding that you are going to treat yourself the way you wish to be treated by others is life defining. You are setting the bar for how the world gets to interact with you. And from that benchmark you can start to measure all other relationships and take a stand for what you need and deserve. It can be empowering, inspiring and MAGICAL.
I’ll admit these specific self-love practices can also really flare up my ego. She’ll start chattering things like “If you’re so lovable, why are you writing yourself love letters?” “If you’re so worthy of being given gifts, why are yougiving them to yourself?” Gracious how my ego loves to add Flaws to my Awesome!
It’s in these moments though that I truly see that the value of my self-love practices come to life. Because in those moments when my ego is doing her best to bring me down, I get to remind myself that not having someone else buying me flowers or writing me love letters doesn’t make me less than, and it certainly doesn’t mean I am not worthy of love and affection. I am worthy of love and affection because I AM ME. I am on this Earth with a purpose and a plan. And that alone makes me worthy. 
And the same applies to you, my loves! So how about this week you treat yo flawsome self? You can write yourself a love note, buy yourself a lil’ something, carve out a few minutes from your day to do something you love to do…the possibilities are endless.
Create the time to remind yourself how worthy you are of being showered with love and affection. BECAUSE YOU ARE!