The Real Deal


This picture was taken last month. It was unplanned, spontaneous, a totally natural and real moment. This picture is an incredibly spot-on reflection of who I am at my happiest. Theoretically, I love it. In reality, when I found it on my phone a few days after it was taken I thought “ugh, I’m not showing this to anyone, it’s not perfect!”.

Sure when I saw it I also thought “oh this is really cute” but as I appreciated the awesomeness of my authenticity, the chorus on my flaws loudly began: my double chin, the shine on my face, the way my arm is protruding out (for starter’s). I decided no one else would get see it. The awesomeness of my joy was not enough to over-shadow how I felt about my flaws.

And then I started to look at that story. How often have I decided not to be seen because I didn’t judge myself to be perfect? How often have I hid, not wanting to be seen unless everything is packaged up nicely? How often in my life would I rather not be seen, than to be seen with flaws? Pretty f-ing often is the answer.

So I decided to lovingly interrupt the story. To lovingly remind myself that I was born to be seen. That I am worthy of being seen, especially when it’s not perfect, because that’s when people can best see themselves in me. And that it’s okay that sometimes my flaw chorus is louder than my awesome chorus. Because each time I notice that I am judging myself, there is an opportunity to tell myself the truth of who I am. A moment to remind myself that I am FLAWsome, and that it is perfect.

My loves, I KNOW I am not alone in this conversation. So today I’m asking you to notice where you’re holding yourself back because you are judging you’re not “perfect”. Notice, and lovingly encourage yourself to be brave and to be seen. Because you are worthy of being seen. You were made to be FLAWsome, and for the world to see YOU!