I was recently blessed to take a walk around a beautiful lake. Only downside was that it was crazy windy. To the point that I thought the wind might knock me over! As I dipped into my core strength to stay upright I heard a message: “I wanted to show you how strong you are”. 

Have you ever felt like the winds, life, the universe was trying to give you a similar message? 

Have you been up against a hard time? Have you  overcome difficulty? And in those situations did you get a chance to see how strong you are? 

(If not, let me offer you this moment to see that!)

I’ve been blessed to see my strength a lot in my life. I’ve seen my strength in being able to lead people through tumultuous times at work. I’ve seen my strength as I’ve overcome numerous health challenges. I’ve seen my strength again and again in this life. And I am grateful for my strength. It is awesome.

Yet I also see where my strength has hindered me. I’ve seen times when my strength and mind’s ability to power through has had me ignore my body’s messages that she was hurt. I’ve seen where my strength in being able too handle challenges has had me not ask for support to make those challenges easier. My strength has often overshadowed my weaknesses to the point where my strength became my weakness. 

Ain’t that some flawed shit to realize? 

In realizing this though I’ve seen an opportunity to grow. An opportunity to further allow vulnerability to be my strength. And the truly Flawsome part is that I know I can do this, because I know how strong I am. 

And my sweet loves, so are YOU.

I know because I see you still standing after all this time. I know, with every fiber of my being, that you’ll continue standing strong. 

Cause that’s just who we were made to be: STRONG AF!