Spread Your Love


My fish Magic died this weekend. 
I learned an incredible amount about myself while pet-parenting Magic. My patience grew as Magic drove me nuts with his unwillingness to eat regularly. I learned to give myself increased grace by giving up trying to do things “right”. Magic taught me the value of not comparing as I accepted that he was unlike any other fish I’ve ever had. And that that was okay.
As Magic’s health declined this week I started to really appreciate how much he’s brought to my life. In addition to all the lessons he has taught me, the time we spent together also happened to be during some of the most expansive, challenging and beautiful times of my life. And Magic was a witness to all of it. 
This past week I took the best care of Magic I possibly could. And I showered him with loads of love and acknowledgement. I can’t tell you if he felt it, but what I can tell you, FOR SURE, is that I felt it. 
Every time I loved on Magic, I could feel love bubbling up inside of me. I could feel my heart grow sweeter, and my body relax. I felt loved by loving him. What an incredible gift it is to love others. For them, and for us. 
This week I encourage you to love up on all the beings in your life. Show them how much you care about them by taking extra good care of them. Tell the beings in your life how much they mean to you. Show your love by smiling at the people who cross your path, whether you know them or not.

Speak your love.

Show your love.

Spread your love!!!
And notice. Notice what it does. Not just what it does for others but also notice what it does for you! Notice the way your heart and your body feel when you are spreading your love. As love is coming out of you, it’s also getting all over you. So soak it in, you deserve it!
As for Magic, thank you. Thank you for being such a beautiful fish and sweet friend. I am forever grateful for you. Swim in peace lil’ fishy, there’s a heaven for a G.