Scars to Your Beautiful


About 8 years ago I made a commitment to transform my body and to get healthy. I lost close to 80 lbs and as a result I have excess skin all over my body. The places that bothered me the most were my tummy and arms. So after years of consideration, in October 2015, I had reconstructive surgery to remove the excess skin there. After my “arm tuck” I ended up with these scars.

One of the things I considered about having the surgery was knowing that I would be replacing excess skin with scars. My flappy skin drove me so crazy though that I figured I wouldn’t mind the scars nearly as much. Turns out, that wasn’t entirely true. From the time they began healing, my scars began to bother me. I judged them as ugly. I wanted to hide them, and to ignore them. I saw my scars as a new Flaw.

As time has passed though, through practice and patience, I’ve come to love my scars. They remind me what I worked so hard to create — a strong and healthy body. They remind me that I can live through seemingly unbearable pain. They remind me that my body is a badass with the ability to heal itself like magic. They remind me of my awesomeness. My scars have become FLAWsome.

Do you have scars? Have you ever judged them? Ever wished them away? Do you remember where they came from? Do you remember the pain that created them that you overcame? Are you willing to accept and appreciate your scars? Your scars are uniquely, FLAWsome-ly, yours and they get to be loved. Just like YOU!