I’m not always a fan of following rules. 

My challenge is that they make me feel confined. Limited. Stifled. Often times following rules makes me feel like I don’t have a choice. 

Ever felt that way? 

If so, you can imagine how I felt when a holistic doctor (who is helping improve my sluggish health) gave me a specific list of foods to eat, and a long list of foods to avoid. 

Rules. Very strict rules. I felt tightness in my chest as the feeling of confinement set in. And it felt flawed. 

But feeling like crap every morning, and most of the day, felt more flawed. So I had  a choice to make. 

I could choose not to follow the rules and continue not to feel anywhere near my best. Or I could choose to follow the rules and improve my health. 

I choose the latter. And then I got to decide how I would feel following these rules. And that had me look for what’s awesome about this situation... 

Only eating a limited amount of foods has been a fun exploration of culinary creativity. Eating so clean has inspired me to increase my activity level which has been awesome for my booty and my stress levels. And being in a position where I can afford this kind of healthcare has me grateful beyond words!

It hasn’t been easy as this has been a big adjustment. I’ve felt emotional. I’ve felt challenged. But when that all starts to kick in I remember that I’ve made a choice and I remind myself of why. 

We always have a choice of how we want to interact with rules. One because it is our choice to follow rules. And because it’s always, ALWAYS, our choice to decide how we want to feel while following them. 

In my case I am choosing to be happy and grateful  following these food rules because by following them I am choosing to be in excellent health (which coincidentally allows me to give more to YOU!). 

Why do you choose to follow the rules you follow? 

If you haven’t stopped to ask yourself that question, I encourage you to do so! And then let that answer shift any confined, stifled feelings you might have into a feeling of Flawsome freedom. 

Feels good doesn’t it!?