Rinsing Off


Tirta Empul in Bali is a Hindu temple famous for its holy spring water and purification ritual which rinses away energies, thoughts or emotions that don’t serve you.

The first step of the ritual was to pray. Then rinse your face 3 times, drink & spit out water 3 times, say “Thank You”, and then dip down under the spout for one final rinse. You were then to repeat these steps under multiple water spouts, each of which were meant to cleanse specific areas of your life, all while cleansing your body, mind and spirit.

Thinking of what prayer to say, I heard in my heart an ol’ favorite, “Rinse me of myself, I belong to You.”

Often I can become filled with things that aren’t me. Resentment, grief, anger, gluttony, shame, all my “flaws” can all fill me up. They can start to feel like they are who I am. But I know in my in my soul that they are NOT who I am.

And they are NOT who you are either.

Living life as a human means experiencing a wide array of emotions and feelings. The real magic of life though can be found in realizing that we aren’t actually our emotions or feelings. They’re what we’re experiencing.

Who we actually are, what we actually belong to, is Love.

In our daily lives it can be really easy to forget that though. Our feelings and emotions can feel so strong that it can seem like they are taking over our lives. So it’s important to pause, notice if this is happening, and rinse away from ourselves anything that is not who we truly are.

Maybe it’s rinsing yourself of feelings that are stuck from past events. Rinsing yourself of thoughts that aren’t for your highest benefit. Rinsing yourself of anything and everything that is not who you really are. Which again, for the permanent record, is Pure Love.

Now while I’d love to head off to Bali every time I feel the need to rinse off, that just ain’t feasible. So instead I imagine rinsing myself off in my mind. And I invite you to join me.

Join me in rinsing off all that you aren’t so that you can more fully be who you are and whose you are: PURE AMAZING FLAWSOMELY BEAUTIFUL LOVE!