Riding Waves


I was watching the ocean this week and was reminded of a common recurring theme in my dreams: Waves.

For several years I’ve dreamt of getting caught in waves. Not small, manageable waves either. No, they’ve mostly been ginormous walls of water that I couldn’t believe were coming straight at me!

I’ve most often experienced wave dreams when I am stressed. And the more stress I was experiencing, the bigger, higher, deeper, more treacherous the waves.

Just like how real life can feel, right?

While it’s felt like a Flaw to have these wave nightmares as I reflected this week I saw them in a new, Flawsome, light. Because what’s been Awesome about these dreams is how I’ve managed to ride the waves.

I’ve had dreams where I swam from the bottom of the ocean, straight to the top of a giant mountain of wave water like a brave-ass mermaid on a mission! In those scary moments when it felt like the wave might eat me alive, something inside me has always known I could make my way out of the waves and back to safety of the shore.

Again, just like how it is in real life.

Imagine all the waves you have ridden in your time on Earth. Waves of work stress, health challenges, personal heartbreak, family drama…you’ve ridden countless waves. Heck, you might currently be riding a wave!

And in this moment I encourage you to remember how you’ve made it back to the shore after EVERY wave! How do I know this is true? Cause you’re still here…Still swimming to see another day!

So I invite you to acknowledge yourself. Acknowledge yourself for being brave and continuing to play in the waters. Even when you know being swept up in a giant wave is a possibility. It’s because of your bravery that miracles are happening every day in this world.

You’ve got this, wave warrior!