On The Daily


This picture, from the inside of my medicine cabinet, is of a daily forgiveness practice (along with reminders that me and my inner-monster are beautiful).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times again: the freedom of forgiveness is awesome. So there are few things that can feel quite as flawed as when pain from a previously forgiven wound comes back!

Has that ever happened to you? That an old wound you thought was all healed up, shows back up and hurts all over again? I, for one, am not a fan.

A few years back when I was in a significant spiritual and emotional growth spurt I noticed I had lots of old wounds coming back to the surface. Frustrated, I consulted Google. The uncontested winner I found on how to create sustained forgiveness was to be in a daily forgiveness practice.

After exploring lots of practices I fell in love with this one which was based on an ancient Hawaiian ritual. I loved that the practice was designed to be used day and night, to rinse you off at the start and end of each day.

And then a spark of genius came! I realized I already had a well-established morning and nightly ritual: brushing my teeth. By putting these prayers up in my medicine cabinet, where my tooth brush lives, I was much more likely to say them.

After months of saying these prayers daily my heart became stronger and I felt like more of who I was made to be. Because that is the real gift of forgiveness. Forgiveness takes away fear, anger and hurt…it rinses away everything that is not the love we were made to be.

In complete honesty, over the years I have come in and out of this being a daily practice. Recently I noticed I had fallen back out. How did I notice? Oh because I’ve had all sorts of old stuff come back up that needs to be forgiven. Sur-prise!

So I am committing to you, my loves, that being the Flawsome Queen I am, I’m taking charge. I am choosing to take what I could see as a flaw (having stuff to work through and forgive) and make it an awesome reason to get back to practicing flexing my daily forgiveness muscles!

Will you join me? Let’s see how happy our lives can become as we rinse our hearts, and our teeth, on the daily!