New Year, Same You


As you know, I love to celebrate! So you might think that I love celebrating the New Year but that hasn’t always been the case. Several times celebrating the New Year has been a reason for my mind to go wild with fear. Specifically it’s triggered my fear of failure which is something I’ve often held as one of my big Flaws.

On New Years that held major life events my mind would be consumed with thoughts about failing. Would I be a failure after college? Am I failure to be turning whatever age I will be that year and not having achieved a specific status?

In 2015 I had accomplished more than I could have possibly imagined. And I became terrified for 2016. My racing mind told me life couldn’t get any better than what I just experienced so I must have been on the brink of failure (shocker: I was wrong!).

And NOTHING though quite kicks up my fear of failing more than the concept of “New Year, New You”. My fear has been: What if I fail to become the new me that I’m supposed to become that year?

As I’ve grown in my relationship with myself I’ve come to believe that becoming a whole new person isn’t really what our purpose here is all about.

I believe that while we are ever-changing, you are always YOU. Who you are was uniquely designed and perfectly made. I believe that we’re here on Earth to elevate and grow and expand and change. And all that change is to bring us back to who we authentically already are, and have always been. Not to change us into a new person!

So what if instead of focusing on being a “new” you this year, you focused on being your “best” you this year? And every day you celebrated the progress you made towards being the best, fullest expression of who you were made to be?

I don’t know about you, but to me, that feels like a lot less pressure. It feels attainable. And it feels like something I can’t fail at doing, because it’s about practicing being ME, at my Flawsome best.

My loves, my 2018 wish for you is a year of growth, love, patience, prosperity, abundance and a year filled with you practicing being YOUR best, Flawsome, self!