My Friend Cherry


I’ve talked a lot about the ego voice in my head and I realized that I hadn’t properly introduced her. Her name is Cherry.

I was inspired to name her after a friend shared her ego’s voice sounded like a man, and was named Oscar. I was jealous! The voice in my head sounded like my regular voice so it was tough to know when it was my Truth speaking, or my ego.

I felt that naming my ego would be helpful to get to know her, and her voice, better. After months of wondering what to name her one day I heard “My name is Cherry”.

Since Cherry introduced herself I have gotten to know her more deeply, especially her motivations. What motivates Cherry is Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of not being enough, fear of being abandoned…Cherry runs on Fear.

Have you noticed this with your ego too?

You probably have because the beautiful thing about our egos is that their primary motivation is to keep us safe. Our egos have seen us get hurt and want to do whatever they can to stop it from happening again.

Trouble is that growth rarely comes out of safety, and results definitely don’t come from not risking. So while our egos may try everything they can to keep us safe, following their guidance is a surefire way to stay stuck. Stuck in relationships. Stuck in feelings. Stuck in stuck-ness.

On my mission to grow, I have no time for stuck-ness. And I recognize how hard this is for Cherry. So I’ve begun to acknowledge her for all she does, and has done, to keep us safe. I remind her of what she’s gotten us through, and promise her that we’ll make it through what comes next. She doesn’t need to worry, her hard work has already paid off!

Sure it can feel crazy to relate to the voice in my head by another name. But it also feels important. Because while my ego is separate from me, she’s also part of me. And like all parts of me, I am committed to loving her.

What might it look like to get to know and understand your ego? What would your life feel like if you befriended your ego?

For me, it’s been game changing. As my ego’s been able to loosen up on her fears, I’ve been able to grow with more grace into the Flawsome woman I was intended to be.

And that is just the best. For me and for Cherry!