Monkeying Around


It’s crazy that it’s been a month since this picture was taken in Ubud’s Monkey Forest! 2018 has me ON my hustle. There are lots of cool things brewing this year and I’ve been working like crazy to manifest my goals!
It has been Awesome. And it’s also brought up a pattern I’ve often held as a Flaw.
When my eyes are on a prize I can become reallll serious. I’m like a singularly focused, one-eyed (beautiful) monster. As I march towards my goals, I can often become pretty un-fun.
A lot of my 2018 goals revolve around my purpose, which is to inspire people to accept themselves and change the world. That’s not a small deal. So it’s not surprising that I take it seriously! With compassion, I can accept that the Flaw I feel around becoming too serious is driven by the Awesomeness of my purpose.
With this Flawsome perspective I am reminded in the midst of my hustling and goal getting, I am meant to be having FUN. As committed as I am to my goals, that is also as committed I am to having fun while achieving them. Because that’s how we are designed to live, with fun in our veins!
Do you find that you also can get a little serious when it comes to accomplishing what matters to you? If so, I encourage you to take a moment and celebrate how committed you are to your dreams! And and then express that celebration by having some fun and monkeying around. You deserve it!