Little You, Part 2


Last week I shared a practice of using a picture of yourself as a little kid to support in shifting how you speak to yourself. From people sharing their pictures to folks letting me know how this practice is impacting their lives for the better, your response has been inspiring!

One friend shared a take-away so profound I couldn’t wait to share it! My friend looked at her little self and in addition to asking how that little girl would treat herself she also asked “how would this little girl treat others?”. WHOA. Talk about a game-changing tool for how to interact with the world!

I am deeply committed to creating a loving relationship with myself and inspiring others to do the same. The reason why I am so committed to this vision is not simply for myself though. The reason why I care about the relationship humans have with themselves is because I believe that relationship has everything to do with the way they love others.

I believe, and research confirms, that the more we love & accept ourselves, the easier it becomes to love & accept others. As I love myself, I can love you, and you can do the same with others in your life and so on and on. I believe this is how we’ll create the heaven on Earth that is promised by all great prophets.

To practice this way of life you can either physically look at a picture of your little self, or just get a picture in your mind, and ask “how would this little one treat others?”. Would they ignore them? Degrade them? Curse their name? Or would they be kind? Be compassionately curious to know their stories? Love them for who and what they are?

If your little self is/was like my little self, and I bet they were, the answer is that our little selves would be so filled with love that they would be kind, compassionate and loving to EVERYONE. So let us follow their lead and treat each other the best we possibly can.

The world (which includes YOU) deserves it!