Little You


This is my phone screensaver and that’s me circa 4-years old. How freaking cute am I?!

I began using pictures of me as a little kid for my screensaver several years back at the suggestion of my dear friend and wonder-coach Stephanie Kwong. Steph’s advice was to use the picture to remind me to talk to myself the way I would talk to this little girl.

Little girl Rebecca was so funny, sweet, and charming. She was the life of the party and made everyone around her feel special and loved. A true lil’ earth angel. She deserves to be treated with the utmost kindness, love and respect.

When I notice the voice in my head is not being kind, loving or respectful I use this picture to help me shift it. And it’s been an incredible tool!

When I notice the voice inside is being mean, I take a look at this cutie and ask “does she deserve to be treated this way?”. No she does not, and neither do I! So I interrupt the voice and shift it to be kind, loving and respectful. With (lots of) practice it’s become easier and easier to shift the voice from beat-up, to love-up.

Have you ever paid attention to the way that you’re talking to yourself? Is it the way you’d let someone speak to a child? Now imagine the child is you…would you want anyone speak to little YOU like that?

If the answer is No, like I have often experienced it to be, then I encourage you to chose to shift. Take a breath, imagine your precious little child self and remember you are doing your Flawsome best, so be kind. You AND Little You deserve it!