Letting Go


I am purging my home using author Marie Kondo’s method as a guide. The intention of this method is to live a joy-filled life. To achieve this you hold every item in your home and ask “does this spark joy?”. If the answer is yes, the item stays. If the answer is no, the item gets passed onward. You know how amazing joy feels. Now imagine how rare it can feel. Sparking joy is a high benchmark.

The awesome part is that you’re left with items that make you feel super pumped. What has felt flawed in this process has been the pain of letting go of some of these possessions.

*Side note: It’s not lost on me that I’m talking about having a ton of things when there are people in this world with nothing. “Thank You”, is my most consistent prayer.*

I noticed that there were items that did not spark joy but that I was still very attached to. Most often these attachments were coming from the past, specifically from memories of the past. My fear tells me letting go of these items, could mean losing the memories I have associated with them.

In the past, my fear of letting go of an item would talk me into keeping it. Using joy as a benchmark ups the game. You can’t let your fear overpower your joy. Your joy trumps all. So using my joy as a guide, I applied some Flawsome and decided to use my fear to create joy.

When the fear of losing a memory comes up, I think about how deeply a part of me my memories are. The lessons I learned in these memories are what make up who I am in my life today. They helped me grow, they changed the way I am, they are embedded in my heart, and in my beingness. When I acknowledge how I embody these memories, I realize I don’t need physical items to remember them. And that creates joy.

While I am applying this to physical items, this is a practice with applications all throughout our lives. You can apply it to things, people, practices and thoughts. Asking yourself, “does this spark joy”?

And then being willing to work with whatever Fear comes from the answer is a Flawsome, joy-filled way to live!