High School Self


This past weekend I went to an epic hip hop concert headlined by Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg. Having grown up in Long Beach, California during the height of West Coast Hip Hop this was a dream show for me. And I do mean DREAM. I had been dreaming of this concert since I was in high school!

So it was perfect that as I was dancing freely, singing loudly, laughing wildly and completely expressing myself to artists I adore, surrounded by people I love, that I felt my high school self alive in me. And man, was she PROUD of the woman I am!

My high school self had a lot of expectations for where we’d be at this point in our life. And many of those are not where I’m at right now. I’m not married, I don’t have kids, I haven’t gone to all the places she wanted us to go and haven’t experienced all the things she wanted us to experience.

My high school self’s expectations have not all been met and sometimes I feel guilty about it. Sometimes I feel like my “flaws” have held me back from the fantasy life my 17 year old self imagined for us. And I feel ashamed.

Which is why that moment on Friday was such a gift. As I saw my younger self watching me she was beyond amazed and proud and stunned by the life we’re now living! There was no questioning of what we aren’t, or what we don’t have. Instead, there was absolute appreciation & gratitude for exactly where I am and what I’ve worked so hard to manifest!

What might it be like for your high school self to watch you? Would they be amazed at how you’ve survived challenges? And overcome heartbreaks? Would they be proud of all you’ve created with your resilience? I BET SO!

Check in with your high school self and give them the chance to celebrate your life! It might not be the perfect dream life they imagined, but it’s real and that’s FLAWSOME.