I am currently in a time of change. Changes in my relationships, career, home, health…there are legit changes happening in every area of my life!

And all this change has had me looking back to the past for comfort.

I always love filling myself with happy memories and re-experiencing good times from the past. However I’ve noticed recently that even reliving memories I don’t particularly like feels comforting because I already know what happened!

Shitty memories saving me from feeling uncomfortable about an unknown future? That sounds ridiculous! So I’m choosing a different path.

I’m choosing to look forward because even if the future might feel scary (because it’s unknown and I’m the type of personality who likes to know everything), it’s where I am headed. And the best way to get to the future safely, is to be present now and keep my eyes forward.

Right now in this moment, will you join me? Feel your feet planted where they are, now take a deep breath. Guess what? You’re already in a new moment. You’re already in the future! And you are still alive. Well done!

When we can keep reminding ourselves to be where we are, without even needing to try, we will be propelled into each moment that is to come. When I think of the future simply as each new moment ahead of me, it’s a lot less scary and life feels a whole lot more Flawsome.