In 1986 my family participated in Hands Across America. Hands Across America was a benefit event in which 6.5 million people held hands to form a human chain for 15 minutes along a path across the continental US. The proceeds from the event were donated to local charities to fight hunger and homelessness and help those in poverty. 

My Mom (the hottie with me in this picture!) recently shared this picture with me and it got me thinking about what Hands Across America might look like in 2018. Would we be able to come together and hold hands now given the divides that separate our country? 

Division often feels like a Flaw to me. Division in our society over cultural differences. Division in our families over differing opinions. Division in our individual relationships because of changing sensibilities. Even division within ourselves over what we want, and how we might act contrary to those wants. Division is seemingly everywhere.

But in the midst of all this division there is the Awesome possibility of coming together. Because of division there is an opportunity to listen deeper to each other, and to ourselves. To listen deeply for the similarities that bring us together in a way that might not be possible if it weren't for the Flaw of the division. 

If we can let go of our attachment to what divides us in favor of openness to what connects us...well that's some Flawsome living if I've ever heard of it!

What might be possible when we come together? Could we put an end to hunger? Could we create peace? Could we save lives? Could we be truly happy? What can we do when we do it together?

Today I humbly ask you to think about where this applies in your own life. Who can you come together with, because of your differences and not just despite them? And what might happen when you do?

I know this isn't necessarily an easy ask. It takes courage, humility, honesty and commitment to listen deeply. But I promise you all of that is inside each one of us. So let's use it! 

Cause I know this much to be True - WE are the ones who are here to change the world. So let us start with each other!