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Weeks before Burning Man 2017, I completed one of the most pressure-filled, structured, times of my life. Reflecting on an intention to  best serve my time at the Burn, I heard "to give zero f*uks". My soul said to let myself loose!

I let go of being in charge. I decompressed and surrendered. I fully loosened up. And it was epic. 

Have you ever felt the call to loosen up? 

The call has come again in my recent "funemployment". After running SUPER hard in my career (and whole life!) for 15+ years, I heard a very clear message that I needed to chill out and relax before beginning the next phase of my life. 

This freaked me out. 

Structure, goal-planning and constantly doing things has created some pretty awesome results in my life. Chilling out and letting loose didn’t immediately seem like a way to create what I most want.

Guess what? I was wrong! 

Turns out - Loosening myself up has meant loosening up the death grip I had on my expectations which has been an A+ life improvement. And an A+ life is what I truly want most. 

Loosening up what I think my productivity needs to look like has provided me much more profound experiences. Loosening up in my romantic relationships has created more fun than I’ve ever had in them. Loosening up my expectations has grown my joy!

Do I think that living loosely will be my path forever? Nope. I feel that this is a season and like all seasons it will pass when it’s time has come. 

So in the meantime I am going to continue to grow by trusting my roots are strong enough to let me flow loose for a while. I trust I wouldn’t have heard this call if this season wasn’t going to serve me, and the world.

My friends, where in your life could you benefit from loosening your expectations? Ask your soul. And if your soul suggests it, my all means please listen and loosen the F up! 

And no matter the answer may you join me in experiencing the joy that comes from listening to your soul!