OMG! Holy Smokes! This is the 26th week I'm writing to y'all. 26 weeks...that's half a year! 

My intention of writing to you weekly is to be a consistent reminder that you are not alone. A reminder that you are enough. A reminder that you are worthy. A reminder that you were specifically, and magnificently, made just the way you are - Flawsome AF. And that because of all that you can create an amazing life! 

Over the past 26 weeks it's been remarkable to see my intention come to fruition. I've been inspired by you sharing your own stories. I've been humbled to hear of your new awarenesses and breakthroughs. And I've been impassioned to continue to elevate myself through writing to you. 

Because what's been really miraculous is that in reminding you of who you are and why you're amazing, I've also been reminding myself! There have been multiple occasions over the past 26 weeks where I've found myself in a dark spot. And in a lot of those moments I've been moved to laughter as I realized I had (usually very recently) written about the exact thing I was going through in that moment and could find encouragement in my own writings.  

What a blessing it is to give, to others and to myself, through this process! 

As I continue to write over the next 26 weeks (and into infinity!), I have a request for YOU. Please let me know what would like me to write about! What do you feel would be valuable for me to share with you? Are there topics you wish I would write about? Are there topics you would like me to revisit and dive deeper into? 

How can I best serve YOU?

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone got up every day and lived in the question, "How can I best serve"? I imagine it would look like a world filled with abundance, laughter, mercy, compassion, joy, peace and HAPPINESS. 

Thank you for allowing me to do my part to bring that kind of world into our reality. I am eternally grateful and honored to serve YOU.