"I was blown away at how much work I got done in a few short hours. The simple shift in perspective on myself and my world has changed my outlook dramatically. I recommend this workshop for anyone looking to start or continue their journey in emotional intelligence, self-love/care, changing the world, and leadership."  

Ethan Kaplan, 28, Graphic Designer




"Flawsome is an empowering and forwarding reminder that my greatness lives in loving and embracing ALL of me, not just the parts I want others to see but all the parts that make me the magical and unique being and leader that I am! Rebecca's powerful facilitation in having us fall in love with ourselves is one-of-kind! Authentic and humble leaders our world craves are nourished in the space she creates!"

Char Chui, 35, Transformational Trainer



"Flawsome allowed me to:

- Completely re-envision how I look at myself and my flaws.
- No longer view my flaws as something that holds me back but rather as opportunities for growth, self-love, and self-acceptance.
- Love myself in a more intimate way than ever before"

Jake Kauffman, 31, Patient Advocate and Filmmaker



"I felt so safe in the space Rebecca created as the facilitator of this workshop. I was able to explore ideas about my worth that I hadn't realized previously, and I loved what I learned about myself. Rebecca is an incredible facilitator with a huge heart."

Christine Baird, 30, Brand Strategist and Producer