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Welcome Home. Welcome To Team Flawsome!


Team Flawsome is a community of diverse, beautiful people dedicated to accepting themselves and changing the world.

Choosing to look at our flaws in new ways, we're able to make changes in our thinking that positively impact every area of our life. Our bodies are wired for celebration, so as we embrace, accept and CELEBRATE everything about who we are, we increase our happiness, decrease our stress and are able to generate successful results and fully contribute our gifts to the world.

Team Flawsome doesn't believe practice makes perfect -- we believe that practice makes permanence. By practicing every day we make it easier and easier for ourselves to accept all that we are and all that we're becoming. Practicing self-acceptance in a community provides inspiration, motivation and accountability. Team Flawsome is the place to share and celebrate your story.

As we accept ourselves we are able to increase our acceptance of others! Studies show that the more compassionate we are with ourselves, the more compassionate we become to others. World change comes from within, and Team Flawsome is committed to changing the world!

Are you looking for a Team of amazing people committed to being their best selves? People who are committed to practicing self-acceptance every day? People who are actively changing the world?

Well like I said, WELCOME HOME. Welcome to Team Flawsome!

Team Flawsome Values

Team Flawsome is driven by our core values

DIVINITy: you are one with all that is.


Acceptance: Embracing all that you are.


Excellence: Taking action on all your gifts.


Contribution: All you have been given is so you can give it away.


Connection: Seeing yourself in all others and allowing others to see you.



Hi I'm Rebecca Regnier

I am the founder of Team Flawsome, a diverse community of awesome people dedicated to accepting themselves and changing the world. My journey to creating Team Flawsome came from my journey of learning to accept myself.

I grew up overweight and I spent the majority of my life feeling deeply flawed in my body. My entire childhood, well truly most of my adulthood too, I felt like I didn’t belong in my own body. I felt like it was wrong and ugly. I spent a LOT of time judging my body and wishing I had another one.

I also spent most of my life feeling like there were major flaws in my personality. I felt like I was too sensitive, immature and controlling. And I thought I was the only person on Earth who judged themselves. I was so terrified that people would think I was crazy for how I was that I rarely expressed my feelings which just magnified my feeling wrong and flawed.


The tricky part was that, in truth, I had massive evidence all over my life that I was truly awesome! My body was strong and I excelled at every sport. My personality was genuine and fun, I was the kind of person people loved to be around. I had a healthy bonds with my family, incredibly loyal relationships and a career with a pristine reputation. But the voice in my head, that constantly beat me up by telling me that I was flawed, was SO LOUD that I could not hear the praise being doused on me, or fully appreciate my awesome accomplishments.

Not feeling I was good enough caused me to seek validation in unhealthy ways. I was physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausted from trying to prove that I was good enough. And in a moment of clarity I saw what I had been doing to myself and I decided to make a change. I decided I was going to accept myself, and show up in the world exactly as I was - without judgement that I was flawed. I decided to live a Flawsome life, where I fully accepted my Flaws and my Awesome.


I committed myself to learning all I could about acceptance, so that I could create practices and tools that would support me in fully accepting myself. And the more I learned, the more I learned that I was NOT in fact crazy but that MOST people felt the same way! And that’s when I decided I would do whatever it would take to be able to share what I learned with others - and that’s how the Team of Team Flawsome came to be!

Since 2014, I have evolved my skills in personal development and emotional intelligence through extensive training and coaching. In addition to being the recipient of amazing coaching and mentorship, I also have the honor of coaching others. I have coached hundreds of people to believe in the power of their highest selves, and to create miracles in their lives and the lives of others. I am a certified Master Leader & Facilitator, having graduated from PHD7, an exclusive leadership & facilitation program based in Los Angeles.

In addition to coaching and facilitation I have 15+ years experience in ad sales, where I have grown multiple media companies and have partnered with numerous advertisers to create content intended to entertain, empower and uplift audiences of all kinds. Through my sales experience, I have elevated my skills in interpersonal communication and motivation. I have  mentored hundreds of successful salespeople, marketers, producers, writers, artists and influencers to believe in themselves and create extraordinary results.

My commitment is to practice what I preach and I am dedicated to continuing my own  education in order to improve the lives of everyone I encounter. We're all in this together!


 Flawsome Live is an experiential workshop which offers you the opportunity to gain practices that will support you in celebrating your Awesomeness, seeing your Flaws in a new way, and to Accepting all parts of yourself so that you are able to live a happier, less-stressed life.


You will walk away from this workshop with tools to support you in:

  • Disrupting the thought patterns that tell you there's something wrong with the way you are

  • Creating connection through the shared experience of seeing ourselves as flawed

  • Celebrating all that you were designed to be


The impact of Emotional Intelligence practices on employee development are huge. 

Happy employees are 12% more productive than the average employee.

80% of Millennials strongly believe that developing and cultivating emotional intelligence is a key aspect of their career development.

87% of Millennials who rated their current leadership as demonstrating high emotional intelligence felt strongly motivated to see their company succeed.

  • What impact might there be if your team was 12% more productive?  

  • What impact would there be to your business if 87% of your Millennial workforce was motivated to see the company succeed?


In addition to Flawsome Live, Rebecca also offers custom coaching and workshops for individuals, community groups, churches, businesses, nonprofits, sororities and more!


Contact Rebecca to discuss your team’s specific challenges and how a Flawsome Live event can serve your needs and create tangible results for your business.





"I was blown away at how much work I got done in a few short hours. The simple shift in perspective on myself and my world has changed my outlook dramatically. I recommend this workshop for anyone looking to start or continue their journey in emotional intelligence, self-love/care, changing the world, and leadership."  

Ethan Kaplan, 28, Graphic Designer




"Flawsome is an empowering and forwarding reminder that my greatness lives in loving and embracing ALL of me, not just the parts I want others to see but all the parts that make me the magical and unique being and leader that I am! Rebecca's powerful facilitation in having us fall in love with ourselves is one-of-kind! Authentic and humble leaders our world craves are nourished in the space she creates!"

Char Chui, 35, Transformational Trainer



"Flawsome allowed me to:

- Completely re-envision how I look at myself and my flaws.
- No longer view my flaws as something that holds me back but rather as opportunities for growth, self-love, and self-acceptance.
- Love myself in a more intimate way than ever before"

Jake Kauffman, 31, Patient Advocate and Filmmaker



"I felt so safe in the space Rebecca created as the facilitator of this workshop. I was able to explore ideas about my worth that I hadn't realized previously, and I loved what I learned about myself. Rebecca is an incredible facilitator with a huge heart."

Christine Baird, 30, Brand Strategist and Producer

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