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 Flawsome Live is an experiential workshop which offers you the opportunity to gain practices that will support you in celebrating your Awesomeness, seeing your Flaws in a new way, and to Accepting all parts of yourself so that you are able to live a happier, less-stressed life.


You will walk away from this workshop with tools to support you in:

  • Disrupting the thought patterns that tell you there's something wrong with the way you are

  • Creating connection through the shared experience of seeing ourselves as flawed

  • Celebrating all that you were designed to be


The impact of Emotional Intelligence practices on employee development are huge. 

Happy employees are 12% more productive than the average employee.

80% of Millennials strongly believe that developing and cultivating emotional intelligence is a key aspect of their career development.

87% of Millennials who rated their current leadership as demonstrating high emotional intelligence felt strongly motivated to see their company succeed.

  • What impact might there be if your team was 12% more productive?  

  • What impact would there be to your business if 87% of your Millennial workforce was motivated to see the company succeed?


In addition to Flawsome Live, Rebecca also offers custom coaching and workshops for individuals, community groups, churches, businesses, nonprofits, sororities and more!


Contact Rebecca to discuss your team’s specific challenges and how a Flawsome Live event can serve your needs and create tangible results for your business.