Welcome Home. Welcome To Team Flawsome!


Team Flawsome is a community of diverse, beautiful people dedicated to accepting themselves and changing the world.

Choosing to look at our flaws in new ways, we're able to make changes in our thinking that positively impact every area of our life. Our bodies are wired for celebration, so as we embrace, accept and CELEBRATE everything about who we are, we increase our happiness, decrease our stress and are able to generate successful results and fully contribute our gifts to the world.

Team Flawsome doesn't believe practice makes perfect -- we believe that practice makes permanence. By practicing every day we make it easier and easier for ourselves to accept all that we are and all that we're becoming. Practicing self-acceptance in a community provides inspiration, motivation and accountability. Team Flawsome is the place to share and celebrate your story.

As we accept ourselves we are able to increase our acceptance of others! Studies show that the more compassionate we are with ourselves, the more compassionate we become to others. World change comes from within, and Team Flawsome is committed to changing the world!

Are you looking for a Team of amazing people committed to being their best selves? People who are committed to practicing self-acceptance every day? People who are actively changing the world?

Well like I said, WELCOME HOME. Welcome to Team Flawsome!